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  1. I read the book Shadow of my Father. I have always had respect for the Gotti’s (regardless of their crimes) and, after reading the book, have even more respect for Mr. Gotti, Jr.
    If you are reading this, Mr. Gotti, I sympathized with the way you were treated by the law. The law sucks! The legal system sucks! I am 60 years old and have been shafted by people I thought were friends, employers, etc. I trust NO ONE.
    I am an author (9 books) and, because of an incident that happened today (involving trust) I am starting a new book about how NO ONE can be trusted.
    I live on Long Island and would love to meet you (not for my book)! I am not sure if you accept visitors, and am sure you get a lot of requests. But I have been a “fan” of your father (God rest his soul) and have read many books about “the life.” I have always wanted to meet your dad but, unfortunately, have not had the pleasure. I would like to meet you. If you read this, please email me. And for those of you who think I am crazy…screw you!

  2. Yo Goomp,
    God bless you all. I am sure you have a beautiful family. seen the interviews, you did great. I am sure you get a lot of criticism from everyone. In the end you listen to your gut and what it tells you to do. Everyone else will go one talking behind your back and your kids, wife and siblings will always be with you and that’s all that matters. I too also remember going to see dad and his friends at lewisburg and then allenwood, the guard with the chewed up ear. Enough of that. Just want to say your doing the right thing. Stay well . Take care and stay well .

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