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  1. John,

    I just want to send my respects. I’m a huge fan of you and your family. We all do miss John Gotti, Sr, he was right. We need the families to help hunt down the terrorists and child molestors. Cops do nothing to protect neighborhoods. Anyways, can’t wait to see the movie and wish you all the best, you are a mans man and pops would be proud.

  2. John

    I am a former corporate manager (verizon)…on long island who was screwed royally by the company to the point where, what they did to me, destroyed my livelihood (this was in 2001). Too bad we didnt have people from “the life” to take care of these greedy shits at verizon!

    I am now an author of 15+ books…currently working on a non-fiction book about my “secret life” while in the company.

    Good luck with your book. Too bad we cant meet…id like to get your autograph.

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