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  1. John, your dad was a great man. I got to meet him in Greenwood Lake NY I was only 7 years old but my grandfather knew him. We almost lived at the Italian American Club there. Is there anyway to get an autographed pic of you for my home office? Full respect to you , your father and family.

  2. Your father the one they call “the dapper don” Mr John Gotti is in my mind a real American hero of the people, a real gentleman that earn’t the respect that people have him. My only wish is that I would have loved to of met him. Great Legends never did. From John Cole, Gloucester, England…

  3. I’m a crazy fan of your dad and mafia life changed when I watched goodfellas about 4 years ago and since then I can’t stop thinking about great men like Don only regret is why i didnt live on that golden era and lost the chance the chance to know them and especially him in their life time(i was born 1994).they were the golden generation that stood against the government and the big G took them away bc every day they lived was a big fuck to the big G.and u,ur self are a great man bc u never lost ur loyalty and faithto him and followed his way the way u could.ur dad was a hero and I will try to pay my share to get his vengeance.

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