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For four decades the name Gotti has been synonymous with organized crime in the minds of the public, who were told stories about them with varying degrees of accuracy. But now in “Shadow of My Father,” the real story of the King of the Volcano is revealed for the first time. John A. Gotti, who survived four trials and a parole violation hearing, in four years, without a guilty verdict, now takes up his pen to tell the story of his father’s unwavering dedication to the street, and how, as his son, he entered that life, and then, with his father’s permission, left the life of crime, and put the “Family” behind him to live a legitimate life with his real family. It is a saga of betrayal and redemption, and an insider’s view of how, at times, those who are tasked with upholding the law readily broke it to further their career

3 thoughts on “Introduction to the book”

  1. Mr. Gotti
    I really MuST say that this book arguably is the most informative book that i have read about your family….Excellent. …I’ve ALWAYS idolized your Dad as he and I share the smae birthday and he REALLY was a Lion. Congrats on a Great book

  2. Mr. Gotti I personally love the book, and one thing I don’t think you knew back then is every fucking black person from my hood and the surrounding hoods truly loved your dad and everything he stood for as a man. That’s honestly coming from a Jersey boy who grew up in Newark Nj. I’m 51yrs old now and I can honestly tell you that N.Y.C. was suck a better place when your dad was here. Now so many things has changed and I truly say it is not for the best of the city. Your dad will always live in my heart as an Idol and honest man for telling and saying the way SHIT! really was back then, and thats coming from a Jersey blackman.

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